Whole day dugong watching/diving

Whole day dugong watching/diving


Rock Island, Philippines


*If the required two (2) divers do not book the trip, than you will have the following options: 1) Re-schedule dive for next best available trip 2) Rain check for future diving with Club Paradise Divers 3) Refund for your trip*

Enjoy this scenic boat ride and 2 dives in Rock Island, swimming with Dugongs "sea cows". Maximum Depth: 15 meters Visibility: 10 to 20 meters Current: None to mild A growing island structure formed by lime stones, Rock Island is one of those natural freakish protrusions of nature. Soft & hard corals form habitats for incredible critter encounters. Commensal shrimp of different varieties abound so check out those cracks & crevices. The softer flora And fauna such as anemones and sponge corals are home to cleaner shrimps, emperor shrimps & hinged back shrimp. Porcelain crabs, decorator crabs, spider crabs all waiting for your inquisitive eyes. Rock Island's proximity to Club Paradise allow divers to find it's resident green turtles scrounging around the area. Barrel sponges likewise reveal a number of critters. Huge table corals are home to Cardinal & Damsel fish, while glass fish, soldier fish and rock groupers live underneath. The highlight of the dive is a swim thru at 3 to 5 meters depth in between a channel that separates the 2 lime stone rock formation protruding out of the water. An occasional eagle ray might make an appearance. 

Available Add-Ons

  • Rental: Full equipment (mask, fins, wetsuit, BCD, regulator, weights, and belt) $30.00
  • Rental: Gopro Video / Photo $30.00
  • Compass $8.00
  • Dive Computer $8.00
  • BCD $10.00