2 tank boat dives to Diboyuyan


Diboyuyan, Phillipines

Certification and/or Previous Experience Necessary


*If the required two (2) divers do not book the trip, than you will have the following options: 1) Re-schedule dive for next best available trip 2) Rain check for future diving with Club Paradise Divers 3) Refund for your trip*

Enjoy a scenic boat ride and 2 dives at the Diboyuyan dive site. Maximum Depth: 27 meters Visibility: 10 to 20 meters Current: Mostly mild Only 20 minutes by outrigger boat from Club Paradise going east, the locals designated as caretakers of the island have done a good job of disallowing fishermen from coming close. In effect transforming the place into an unofficial marine sanctuary. Divers can be happy exploring the reef that stretches to about 1.2 kilometers north to south. A sandy slope divides the middle of the reef going towards a white sand beach on the island. The fringing reef starting off at 2 meters forming a gentle slope to 20 meters is a showcase of healthy soft & hard corals where cuttlefish, lobsters, clams, wrasses, angel fish, surgeon fish, fusiliers, soldier fish call home. A number of bumphead parrot fish can be seen patrolling the area at times. About 40 meters away from the end of the reef slope formation, a separate reef system between 22 to 27 meters depth invites patrolling blacktip sharks on the hunt. They can be seen especially when the cuttlefish season begins as the waters get cold in December. Once more, an occasional manta can be seen passing by.


  • Rental: Full equipment (mask, fins, wetsuit, BCD, regulator, weights, and belt) $30.00
  • Rental: Gopro Video / Photo $30.00