Diving Trip " La Herradura Natural Park"

Full Day, 2-tank Dives




Enjoy full day of diving at one of our diving spots: MARINA DEL ESTE or LA HERRADURA

*You may request your location, but we will decide the day before your scheduled dive what location will have the best diving conditions. We will confirm the dive location the day before your scheduled dive.

INCLUDES: - 2 Dives - Transport from diving center to dive location - Supervision from professionals of the dive team - Tanks and weights (full equipment rental available at checkout)

La Herraduda (3 Picos) In this wonderful place you will find 3 big rocks rising up to the surface from 14 meters below. Diving around these rocks will allow you to experiece the deep blue colour of the water and show you the natural marine life within caves.

Marina del Este (Punta Mona) Granada has one of the most important dive sites throughout Spain. Due to the fantastic weather conditions dives are available all year long. Within this area there are 10 dive sites that are used, ranging from depths of 6 m– 30m. These sites are significant through wall, reef and cavern dives, which all are easily accessible from the beach. The beautifully clear waters of this area are teaming with marine life and are part of the Cerro Gordo national park. Apart from "normal" fish you might be able to see the moon fish or even a dolphin.

Full day diving own diving equipment  60 eur per person

full day diving renting full equipment   85 eur per person

*Upon booking, we will arrange your course dates with you directly.


  • Rental: full diving equipment package (per day) 25,00 €
  • 10 dives / 5 days (not including equipment) 160,00 €
  • 6 dives / 3 days package (not including equipment) 85,00 €
  • Photo + video 40,00 €