Dark Timber Trail (Groups 6+ people or private groups)

A Lush Horseback Ride Through Vail’s Aspen Trees

The Dark Timber trail includes both the Rocky Point trail and the Bear Hollow trail. 


915 Spraddle Creek Road Vail, CO 81657


Minimum 6ppl (or 3 private) to book for Fall trail rides.

The giant cow parsnip crowds the trails and towers over the heads of the horses, with its large green leaves and delicate, white flowers. Vibrant indigo monkshood grows in a very special damp area of this trail, and only this trail. Wildflowers of all colors take turns crowding the sunny areas of the trails. This is a scenic trail ride like no other!

You must be fit to ride and 7 yrs or older.  The trail climbs 1000ft in elevation and then comes back down the whole 1000 feet, which is where people find themselves fatigued and struggling.  If you are not fit, select the Rocky Point 1 hour trail ride and you will still experience a beautiful, scenic ride.

The views from the lookout points are perfect for the landscape photographer in the bunch. A short section of beetle-kill mixed with new growth offers a cool respite from the summer sun. Come join us for a relaxing ride through nature.  The trails are 70% shaded.

What to Bring

  • What to wear: long pants, sturdy shoes
  • Helmets are provided, and we have many loaner cowboy hats.
  • Take an Advil before you arrive.
  • We suggest bringing a camera, sunglasses, selfie stick, water, sunscreen, and a book.