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Our Rustic Little Outfit Offers Something for Everyone

Our gentle horses, friendly, experienced guides, and awe-inspiring trails await your arrival.

Try Goat Yoga or Goats & Wine!

We have the Happiest Hour in Town when the goats mingle with our bar patrons.

Located one easy mile (don’t walk!) NE of Vail Village


915 Spraddle Creek Road
Vail CO, Colorado 81657
United States


(855) 743-3824 (Office)

Cancellation Policy

  1. We are genuinely sorry that we must have a strict cancellation policy. We realize that this policy may come as a real disappointment. We hope that you will understand that the policy reflects an extraordinary range of determining factors. It is painful that we must upset any of our superb guests. If you must pay the full cancellation fee, it is our hope that your overall vacation delight will soon erase any disappointment regarding our cancellation policy, and that you will go on to create a beautiful vacation slideshow.
  2. Please do not book a ride on your travel day. Travel dilemmas are not an exception to the cancellation policy.
  3. You must be fit enough to ride a horse both mentally and physically. If you book a time slot and chicken-out, panic, or are too stiff to mount the horse, well, you might feel stiffed ~because you are paying for the time slot, not the ride up the mountain.
  4. A full 48 hours and 5 minutes notice is required to cancel, change, alter, subtract people, change your mind, get sick, stub your toe, eat too much, develop bad gas, find something better to do, have a brooding teenager, double-book yourself, your plane is delayed, or ANY other reason to avoid a cancellation fee equaling the entire ride price. Calling with an exceptional story will not an exception make.
  5. You are guaranteeing your arrival and usage of the time slot or yoga mat blocked out of the schedule with your credit card. Calling to bluster and spout will not change this strict policy, ~and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the greatest adventure in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
  6. All riders are 5 years and older
  7. Rides go out rain or shine
  8. Rides are subject to weight limit