1 Week Surf Camp - Long Branch

Monday-Friday surf camp with pizza party, gift bag and t-shirt!


Long Branch - 1 South Bath Ave


Thank you for supporting Summa Love 2021!! Our #1 priority is SAFETY. We have been in business for over 16 years due to our passion for coaching, safety precautions and well being of our students. Summa Love instructors will teach our students balance with stable body placement on a surfboard, paddling, standing, etiquette, open ocean safety, safe ways to fall and how to ride a wave. Each day students will progress at their own level with a low pressured, fun and safe surfing atmosphere. With proper instruction from our teachers, students will gain confidence, ocean safety experience and learn the fundamentals of surfing at a rapid pace!

Our Long Branch location full week surf camp includes low student to instructor ratios, all equipment including boards/wetsuits/leashes, goodie bag, t-shirt, pizza party on Friday and high res surf photo with free download on our website. We ask for full week sign ups to be spaced out Monday-Friday each week. If the 5 days conflict within a calendar week, please email or call us and we will reserve new date if available.

Camp Rules: Please check in/out with us at the lifeguard/staff parking lot adjacent to South Bath Ave everyday, always wear rash guard we will provide during surf hours, always listen to the instructor, reapply sunblock after lunch, stay hydrated, never leave to go to bathroom or lunch without supervision from staff or parent, always stay near tents with instructor supervision. When leaving, please wait with staff at parking lot until pick up from parent/guardian. If student has a hard top surfboard, a protective nose guard must always be on the board for safety. Parents/guardians please park in legal parking spot if you plan on staying for the day. For drop off and pick up, you can park in the lifeguard/staff lot where we sign students in and out.

For our 3 week package, 4 week package and season pass, please contact us directly: (908) 910-4552 or info@summalove.com to book. *To avoid booking fees, please email: info@summalove.com or call (908) 910-4552 to schedule with venmo, cash or check payment with longer processing times.

Please Bring - Lunch everyday except Fridays, extra sunblock, extra water, warm dry clothes, bathing suit, towel, sandals and phone (if available but not required). 

Summer 2021 Long Branch Location: 1 South Bath Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

Weekly Schedule (weekly start times vary based on low tide schedule for best surfing conditions)

Week 1

June, 2021

M   21     Camp: 11AM-2:30PM  

Tu  22     Camp: 11AM-2:30PM   

W   23     Camp: 11AM-2:30PM

Th  24     Camp: 11AM-2:30PM

F   25      Camp: 11AM-2:30PM


Week 2 *(Time Change After Tuesday)*

M   28      Camp: 3PM-6:30PM  

Tu  29      Camp: 3PM-6:30PM  

W   30      Camp: 8AM-11:30AM  

July 2021

Th   1      Camp: 8AM-11:30AM   

F    2       Camp: 8AM-11:30AM    


Week 3

M    5      Camp: 10AM-1:30PM   

Tu   6      Camp: 10AM-1:30PM     

W    7      Camp: 10AM-1:30PM

Th   8      Camp: 10AM-1:30PM  

F    9       Camp: 10AM-1:30PM


Week 4

M   12      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM   

Tu  13     Camp: 2PM-5:30PM

W   14     Camp: 2PM-5:30PM 

Th  15     Camp: 2PM-5:30PM

F   16      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM


Week 5

M   19     Camp: 10AM-1:30PM  

Tu  20     Camp: 10AM-1:30PM   

W   21      Camp: 10AM-1:30PM  

Th  22      Camp: 10AM-1:30PM

F   23       Camp: 10AM-1:30PM  


Week 6

M   26     Camp: 2PM-5:30PM  

Tu  27     Camp: 2PM-5:30PM  

W   28      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM

Th  29      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM

F   30       Camp: 2PM-5:30PM  


August, 2021

Week 7

M    2      Camp: 9AM-12:30PM  

Tu   3      Camp: 9AM-12:30PM  

W    4      Camp: 9AM-12:30PM  

Th   5      Camp: 9AM-12:30PM  

F    6       Camp: 9AM-12:30PM


Week 8

M    9      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM  

Tu  10      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM  

W   11       Camp: 2PM-5:30PM   

Th  12       Camp: 2PM-5:30PM

F   13        Camp: 2PM-5:30PM 


Week 9

M   16       Camp: 9AM-12:30PM  

Tu  17       Camp: 9AM-12:30PM   

W   18       Camp: 9AM-12:30PM   

Th  19       Camp: 9AM-12:30PM  

F   20       Camp: 9AM-12:30PM


Week 10

M   23      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM  

Tu  24      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM 

W   25      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM  

Th  26      Camp: 2PM-5:30PM

F   27       Camp: 2PM-5:30PM 


Week 11 (Time Change After Tuesday)

M   30     Camp: 8AM-11:30AM 

Tu  31     Camp: 8AM-11:30AM  

September, 2021

W    1      Camp: 9AM-12:30PM  

Th   2      Camp: 9AM-12:30PM 

F    3       Camp: 9AM-12:30PM