French Quarter Tour

Walking Tour of the French Quarter

Explore over 300 years of architecture, history, people, and events that shaped the French Quarter


New Orleans, LA


Whether it is your first trip or a seasoned traveler, this tour has something for you. Take a deeper less rushed tour of the French Quarter with more in depth history, architecture, music, food, and culture are intertwined in this enjoyable half day tour. This unique tour is tailored to your tastes and interests and can even include a stop at one of our famous above ground cemeteries. This tour can be what YOU want it to be, not sure exactly what you want? No worries there, Historian Jane is well versed in the 300 years of New Orleans history and you will be enthralled by the beauty and grace of the French Quarter. You will sit down and enjoy a cup of gumbo or one of New Orleans signature dishes as well as a signature cocktail included on this all inclusive tour.