Classic Tandem Skydive

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The Classic Tandem Skydive


Skydive Windy City Chicago


All skydives are from as close as we can get to the maximum legal altitude any aircraft go without pilot and crew on oxygen: 14000’

MSL (~13,400’ above the ground). Meteorological conditions and air traffic can reduce our final altitude by a bit, and for

everyone’s safety, our flights are always conducted in direct cooperation wtih Air Traffic Control. We offer 4 options for the

inexperienced/unexperienced jumper, and each option includes the same unforgettable, complete, full-altitude skydive:

Bronze: no photos or video included

Silver: includes 15 great hand-picked photos from the experience

Gold: Silver media plus a full 360º video of the experience

Platinum: Gold media plus a fully edited 2D (non-360º) video, and 2 customized “mother earth” photos

We use 360º video cameras exclusively to provide our customers the option of regular video, the latest 360º Virtual Reality video,

or both!

Because (except for the VIP Skydive) we only require a $39 down payment to make the reservation***, you’re not locked

into your choice today, you will make your final choice on the day of your jump when you pay the balance.

***Customers may be charged up to 6% fees/taxes when booking.  This is calculated on the total reservation cost, not just the deposit value. 

Down Payments

We only collect a Down payment of $39 per jumper required to make reservation***, your balance will be paid on arrival.  If you wish to pay in full, you may buy a gift certificate for yourself or call our reservations team 24/7 and we can take full payment over the phone (or send you an invoice).

Prices shown during booking may not include discounts you will receive at check-in because most discounts require verification and are applied when you pay your balance just before the skydive.

***Customers may be charged up to 6% fees/taxes when booking.  This is calculated on the total reservation cost, not just the deposit value.

What to Bring

  • Bring a government-issued picture ID (passport, driver’s license, military ID, or state ID); you may not be permitted to skydive without it.
  • Lace-up tennis or running shoes are required, no open toe or hard soled footwear is allowed.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for the day (as if you’re going on a picnic). You may jump in shorts (mid-thigh or longer suggested) and a t-shirt if you wish. We will provide skydiving-specific goggles and the harness you need to wear.  At jump altitudes, temperatures are generally a bit colder than on the ground, so if you get cold easily, dress somewhat warmer than you normally would. You should wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, as it is common to get grass stains on landing.

Maximum Weight for Height:

Your safety is always our primary concern, and ALL JUMPERS must be under the maximum weight for their height according to our height/weight chart. If you are under the maximum weight for your height and weigh 210lbs or more, there is an extra charge (210-239lbs = $30, 240-270lbs = $50, 270-300lbs = $80. We can skydive safely with some people up to 300 pounds, but it is much more difficult for the instructor and creates more wear and possible damage to the skydiving equipment. If you weigh over 300lbs (on our scale, in your clothing), we cannot skydive with you under any circumstances.

** Fully Refundable Policy

Monies paid directly to Skydive Windy City are fully refundable if you meet at least one of the following conditions:

1. We cannot skydive due to weather or conditions out of our control.
Note: We never cancel based on forecast information, but if we feel weather may affect/prevent your skydiving appointment, we will let you know via email usually the evening prior and morning of your appointment.

2. You may cancel (for any reason) as long as you do so via email with at least 24 hours notice, and elect to receive a full refund.  
To cancel or reschedule, reply to any email from us (or send to: and we will take care of everything, including sending you a new confirmation. Email is the only way to guarantee your compliance with our policy because it is timestamped when sent and received. If you break the policy at any time, you no longer qualify for the fully-refundable policy.
You may reschedule by email or phone 24 hours per day. The phones are answered by a local service that is trained to help for standard/common inquiries & tasks. Email, however, only gets answered by actual skydivers who can answer any question/concern you may have.

There is no extra charge for rescheduling, as long as you give us 24 hours notice. Less than 24 hours notice for cancellation/rescheduling may forfeit their deposit. Less than 12 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling and you could be charged the full price for the jump 

3 Hours Weekdays or Weekends