Segway Tour + Escape Game


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Everybody knows Don Quixote, but what is not so well-known is that in the first edition there was a chapter missing; Chapter 43. Why did it disappear?

If you want to be a part of this mystery, you will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle and escape before you are discovered… You will have to show intelligence, logic and team work if you are to overcome this challenge. 


Children must weigh at least 30 kg to use the segway.

One of the most sought-after activities in Madrid, as it is one of the most fun and allows you to get to know the city at the same time.
See Madrid´s main attractions from a segway, with a guide on hand to tell stories about the city that you didn´t know. You will also enjoy  using the segway, an electric vehicle that responds to your movement.

Reserve with us if you want to have an unforgettable experience with your friends, partner, or family. We will look after you at all times, to ensure that your experience is unique.

We visit the major attractions of central Madrid on a segway, such as the Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral, Oriental Gardens, Debod temple, the Royal Theatre, San Gines Passage, Arenal Street , Calle Mayor, Plaza Mayor, San Miguel Market… …

The segway is an electronic device that you will drive intuitively. You will see just how fun and easy it is to drive a segway. It is also comfortable, as it will allow you to arrive at all of Madrid attractions much faster than on foot.


One of our informants has told us the location of chapter 43 of Don Quixote. If you want to belong to The Rombo Code, you have 60 minutes to solve the Mystery of Don Quixote and escape before you are discoverered. 

You can also enjoy the Rombate event, which allows two teams of 6-10 people to experience the same challenge in separate romos. Both teams will have to show their intelligence, while working in a team to overcome the challenge. They will also be confronted with various dilemas and will hve to interract with the opposing team in various phases of the game. Which team will be capable of passing every test?

The experience lasts for 90 minutes. The máximum length of time that is spent inside the room is 60 minutes, but you will be given brief instructions before entering, and after the game has finished you can take a group photo and shate your opinión about the game. 

It is important that you arrive at the correct time that you have booked; 5 minutes prior is ideal. We have to respect the timetables of following groups, and therefore if you are not punctual you will lose your reservation. 

We have chosen you for you unique abilities. Do no fail us! You have to help us to recover chapter 43!

The price per group includes: live escape game of The Mystery of Don Quixote in the schedule and 2: 15h after the start time, the Segway ride 1h duration through the main streets of downtown of Madrid. The total time of 2 activities is approximately 3h 30min.

If you are more than 5 people , you can book 2 escape game rooms. If the group is larger than 10 people, you can call for us and we can do the booking for you. We can have up to 25 players at once.

Health and Safety Policy Wonder Tours S.L.


  • Small groups
  • Taking body temperature
  • Mask use required 
  • Private and exclusive bathroom for clients
  • Hand washing and/or use of hydroalcoholic gel


  • Taking body temperature
  • Private and exclusive bathroom for employees
  • Hand washing and/or use of hydroalcoholic gel
  • Interpersonal distance 2 meters


  • Recommended payment by card
  • Mask use required
  • Reinforcement of cleaning in furniture, vehicles and personal protective equipment
  • Limited capacity with interpersonal distance of 2 meters
  • Interior air renewal with regular door opening