3 days (2 Tank Dives) Package




Divers worldwide have discovered Cozumel’s most valuable treasure… its coral reefs! Cozumel is constantly bathed by the flow of the Yucatan current, which produces crystal blue water and visibility often exceeding 100 feet! With over 30 dive sites, the underwater landscape includes majestic walls, huge pinnacles, swim-thrus, and cathedrals overgrown with coral, sponges and giant sea fans. We offer a wide variety of packages that will fit your needs. If you would like something more custom, please email us and we can plan your Cozumel Dive trip together. We want you to have the best, most memorable Cozumel Dive experience while you are with us! Contact Scuba Mau to schedule.

Package prices DO NOT include DAILY gear rental.

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