PADI Divemaster Certification


Key Largo


Over 9 full (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday) days (not available to train on each Sunday/Monday/Tuesday weekly) you will train to be the best diver you can be and will have earned the first professional level certification. Thus allowing you to start work in the scuba dive industry. Padi divemasters, have access to Padi's employment board to search for jobs all over the entire World!

Must already hold OW/AOW/CPR/1st aid & Rescue diver as well as show log book proving around 40 logged dives to start this course. 

Any/All rental gear you need to complete this course is built into fees, as well as we will allow you at the end of the course to purchase any gear you like at a ( staff rate! Huge savings! )

Must get medical signed off by doctor for this course.

Required completion of virtual course: You will need to pay PADI virtual course $225.00 additional to course fee, after you sign up here: then phone 305-453-3446 the dive shop to get your PADI training Code. Minimum Age for this Course: 18 years old


  • Private 1 on 1 Course Fee $207.00
  • Private Photo Session for During Pool Training $100.00
  • Rider - For those who want to join the fun, but stay on the boat - $78.00
  • Private Photo-Guide During Open Water Dives $138.00