Pint-Sized Explorers

Pint-Sized Explorers are children ages 4-6 years old.


Red River Zoo


Come and explore the zoo and have a fun time learning and meeting our animals with our Pint-Size Explorers program. This session of classes aligns with National Next Generation Science Standards for kindergarteners so we can support what your explorers are learning at school. These classes are about two and a half hours of a little bit of learning and a lot of fun so we hope you join us at the Red River Zoo as a Pint-Size Explorer. 

This program is for children ages 4 to 6.

Program fees are $20 for Zoo Members/ $25 for non-Zoo Members


There will be an AM class from 9-11:30 and a PM class from 3-5:30 on these dates covering the same materials


1/5- Curriculum Standard: K-PS2-1 

Join us we test our strength on different objects as we learn about pushing and pulling and the effects we have on the direction of an object. We will also read "Give it a Pull" by Jennifer Boothroyd

2/2- Curriculum Standard: K-PS2-2 

Have you ever wondered what would happen to the passengers if you changed the direction of a rollercoaster? Today we are going to be testing that on a small scale with some Hotwheels cars as we learn about how we can change the direction and speed of an object by changing the track it is on. 

3/2- Curriculum Standard:1-PS4-4 

Light and Sound have been used to communicate over long distance throughout history, and today we are going to explore how we can use those techniques for ourselves.  

4/6- Curriculum Standard: K-ESS3-3 

With Earth Day being this month we are going to discuss ways we can reduce our impact on our planet through recycling and reusing. 

5/4- Curriculum Standard: 1-LS3-1 

Have you ever wondered why you don't look exactly like your mom, or exactly like your dad? Today in class we are going to discuss why that is and read the book "Is Your Mama a Llama?" by Deborah Guarino