Prime Time A-List Vegas Bucket List Tour-PRIVATE TOUR

Las Vegas #1 SightSeeing "Party" Tour plus 1 Nightclub!

Private Party Bus with 2 Hour Sightseeing Tour, 3 stops at iconic Las Vegas Sites, Complimentary Beverages while on Party Bus, Hosted Expedited entry into 1 top Las Vegas Nightclub


Pick Up at Hotel or AirBNB


8:30 pm Start your tour off with a curbside hotel pick up in the sickest Party Buses Las Vegas has to offer. If your not at a strip hotel that is not a problem. We will pick you up from any location your group is planning to get started from.

We then are off for a 2-hour sightseeing tour along the strip including a party cruise with complimentary beverages!

Iconic Las Vegas Stops Include:

  • Welcome to Las Vegas Sign for photos with our professional photographer
  • Vintage Las Vegas for the Fremont Street Light Show Experience
  • Bellagio Water Fountain Show

11:00 pm Expedited hosted entry including your cover charge into 1 of Las Vegas Best Nightclubs on the strip!

You can choose the ending nightclub but availability will vary by date you are doing tour.




  • Marquee, Voodoo, or Foundation Room


  • Drais, Hyde, Voodoo, or Foundation Room


  • Chateau, Light, On The Record, Encore, Voodoo or Foundation Room


  • Tao, Drais, Chateau, Voodoo, or Foundation Room


  • Tao, Drais, Chateau, Marquee, Light, On The Record, or Kaos


  • Chateau, Marquee, Tao, On The Record, Light or Kaos

What to know:

House of Blues Offers:
- 15% off your food 
- Buy One Get One Free Well Drink Specials 
Your Hosts and Drivers work hard to show you a good time. If you enjoyed your evening, please do not forget to tip your host. The host will then split tips with the driver at the end of the night. Industry Standard is 20% of your total bill. 

What's Included:

-Visit 1 Lounge and 1 of the Top Las Vegas Nightclubs
-World Class Tour Host all night
-Expedited Entry into Nightclub
-All Cover Charges Included
-2 hour sightseeing Party Cruise in a Luxury Party Bus
-Complimentary Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Beverages on the Party Bus
-Stop at the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas Sign for Photos (Option to purchase)
-Stop at the Fremont Street Experience to see the Viva Vision Light Show
-Stop at the Bellagio Fountain Water Show and to see the Water Show
-Private Party Bus for just your group
-Experience a variety of what Las Vegas has to offer in one night

Dress Code:

Nightclub dress attire is required. It is not at Party Tours discretion if your attire will be suitable or not and is completely up to the venues. Our suggestions are as follows:

Dress to Impress! You never know who you will see in the Vegas Nightclub scene! 


  • No jean shorts but dressy shorts are acceptable
  • No flip flop sandals or slides
  • No basic flats such as Ballet Flats 

Shoes need to have a heel on them. Wedges are fine, flat knee boots are fine as well as dressy sandals if they have an ankle strap on them.

Ladies remember classy not trashy, you want to look sexy but too much skin or see thru clothes will also get turned away if the nightclub feels you are dressed inappropriately. 


  • No overly baggy clothes
  • No Sports Hats, Shirts, or Jerseys
  • No Shorts
  • No Sandals
  • No athletic shoes such as Jordans

Preferably men should have fitted jeans or slacks, a collared shirt, and dress shoes. If you do not have dress shoes you can wear clean solid color casual shoes like converse or vans as long as you are dressed up. 

Terms of Service:

Must be at least 21 Nightclub Experience Sightseeing Tour