Emergency First Responder/Rescue Diver




CPR and First Aid are skills we encourage every diver to learn – just in case. Once you’ve completed an EFR course we also encourage you to continue with the PADI Rescue Diver course. This is one of the most useful, challenging, and fun courses you will encounter. Your instructors will put you to the test with scenarios you might someday encounter, from having to rescue yourself to having to rescue an unresponsive diver. The skills you learn in these two courses will stay with you for life, and can be applied to many other adventure activities as well!

The PADI EFR course is only 1 day, the PADI Rescue course and SSI Stress & Rescue is 3-5 days.

Cost: PADI EFR only $140, SSI React Right (FA, CPR, Oxygen & AED) only $150, PADI Rescue only $350, SSI Stress & Rescue only $350,  PADI EFR/Rescue combo $440 (all prices include all gear, materials, Roatan Marine Park fees, and certification cards)

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