Cancellation Policy

Decided you don’t want to rent? If you cancel 7 days or more before your trip you will receive a full refund. Within 7 days we will refund 50% or try our best to accommodate a rescheduling. NO refund if you cancel on the day of your rental.

Tahoe weather is variable. We will offer a full refund if conditions are deemed unsafe by us on the day of. If you get less than half of your rental time due to weather, we will compensate for time lost on the lake. Our partial time policy is 2 hours is a $200 refund and 3 hours is a $100 refund. It is not based on percentage of time or we would be out of business.

Full refund for unsafe conditions on the DAY OF your rental.  If you cancel your trip to Tahoe within a week that does not mean you automatically will receive a full refund.  You held that spot from many other people who would have loved to have a guaranteed spot.  PLEASE contact us before to talk about current weather, wind, air quality ect.. before you decide.