Nautik Adventours

Nautik Adventours

Subwing Activity

Subwing Activity


Marina del rey. Blvd. Kukulkan km 15.6 Hotel Zone. Cancun


***Minimum of 4 person booking. If minimum of 4 people is not met, you may be refunded or re-scheduled***

Maximum booking of 12 people, If maximum of 12 people is surpassed, you may be refunded or re-scheduled

Pricing per person: $20 for 20 minutes

Subwing activity is 20 minutes, but the route to get there and back is 35 minutes each way. Fly Underwater: the perfect and simple way, to discover the feeling of swimming like a dolphin, apt to all ages and physical conditions. All your senses will be filled with unique and gratifying sensation, and we assure you’ll want to repeat the experience with us. It is a very safe and a peaceful experience. Have fun while gliding underwater behind our boat, hang on to your glider and literaly “Fly” underneath the ocean! You can twist, turn, accend, decend, roll & dive as freely as you want!

  • Includes a 10 min course and you're set to go
  • Everyone gets a double run for 20 min
  • This tour includes drinks
  • Minimum age required is 10 years old
  • Number of passengers must be from 2 to 12 people

Available Add-Ons

  • GOPRO SESSION 5 & HUAWEI P30 $45.00