Lynnhaven Dive Center & Swim School Holiday Party 2017


Lynnhaven Dive Center

Please join LDC for our Christmas Holiday Spectacular Thursday December 14th at 7pm at LDC. This year we will are selling $15 tickets ($10 for active Hammerhead Club members) for a catered dinner and special LDC gift!

We will also be supporting our Dive Hearts who have been volunteering their time and have put forth a great effort in aiding those who were affected by the hurricane in Puerto Rico. We will have donation opportunities set up at the party for those who wish to spread the Christmas cheer to those in need.

Come join the Lynnhaven Dive Center family and become involved with the local diving community. Food and gifts are included with your ticket, if you'd like to bring some adult "holiday joy" refreshments you are more than welcome to!

If you are not a Hammerhead member, sign on up! For $50 you get a year long membership and it includes:

-Access to the Hammerhead meetings and hang outs (First Wednesday of the month at 7pm)

-$10 off boat tickets

-Free T-Shirt

-10 Free Airfills

-5 free pool visits


Monday-Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 10am-4pm