Contoy Island


Contoy Island


The National Park of Isla Contoy is located 30 km to the north of Isla Mujeres where the transparent water of the Caribbean Sea joins the Gulf of Mexico. Ixlaché Reef to the south of Contoy, indicates the beginning of the second largest Reef of the world, the Great Mesoamerican Reef. Enjoy a relaxing trip in a comfortable boat with the best service around as specialized bilingual guides provide you with all the information about the natural life that inhabits this beautiful island. Enjoy yourself while snorkeling at this great reef and then savor the famous traditional dish Tikin Xic Fish during lunch by the sea. A guided tour through the island and the museum is included.


  • Total Price: 115 USD
  • Deposit: 25 USD
  • Balance: 90 USD

This trip includes:

  • Transportation in a nice boat with shade
  • Soft drinks and beers
  • Bilingual guide
  • Half hour snorkeling in Ixlache reef (if weather allows)
  • Lunch (grilled chicken, Tikin Xic style fish, guacamole, rice, salad and fruits)
  • Guided tour on the island
  • 1 hour Free time


Highlighted Points of Interest What you'll see or experience as part of Contoy Island

  • Isla Contoy National Park
Guided Tours