Advanced Open Water Diver


Horizon Divers


Dates to be scheduled with Horizon Divers. Contact Horizon Divers after purchase at 1-800-984-DIVE or (305) 453-3535 or

  1. The adventure continues with the AOW, Advanced Open Water Diver Course.  The first steps beyond the Open Water Diver course, the AOW teaches divers to build on their current skill base and expand into new areas of diving with deeper dives, wrecks dives, Nitrox, better Underwater Navigation, side-mount, search & recovery, better buoyancy control, and many more.  Over the two-day course divers gain valuable IN-WATER experience.
  2. Class & Dive Schedule
    1. Day 1:  8am – 11:30am:  Classroom, 1pm – 5pm:  Dives 1, 2, & 3
    2. Day 2:  8am – 12:30pm:  Dives 4 & 5
  3. Equipment - All basic equipment is provided
    1. Basic Scuba Kit:  Mask, Fins, Snorkel, BCD, Regulator, Dive Computer, Wetsuit
    2. Other Required Equipment
      1. Specialty equipment for certain Adventure Dives, ie. Camera, Side-mount equipment, DPV, Nitrox
  4. Prerequisites
    1. Minimum Age:  12 years old
    2. Minimum Certification:  Open Water Diver
    3. Medical Statement