Open Water Referral Course


Horizon Divers


Dates to be scheduled with Horizon Divers. Contact Horizon Divers after purchase at 1-800-984-DIVE or (305) 453-3535 or

  1. If you started your training at your local dive shop, but wanted the warm blue waters of the Florida Keys over the beautiful green water of your local dive spot then the Open Water Referral Course is the perfect option to start your diving adventure.  So many new divers start right here by walking into their local dive center, completing the academics and pool training at home before coming to Key Largo to complete their four required Open Water dives.  
  2. Class & Dive Schedule
    1. Day 1:  8am – 11:30am:  Pool Session, 1pm – 5pm:  Dives 1 & 2
    2. Day 2:  8am – 12:30pm:  Dives 3 & 4
  3. Equipment - All basic equipment is provided
    1. Basic Scuba Kit:  Mask, Fins, Snorkel, BCD, Regulator, Dive Computer, Wetsuit
  4. Prerequisites
    1.  Minimum Age:  10 years old
    2. Average swimming ability
    3. Medical Statement