Barcelona in a Day - Morning by Bike

Half Day by bike + Half Day by foot




The classic ‘BCN in a Day’ experience is organized half in a private car / half on foot, but can also be done half by bike, half on foot.

Experience Barcelona in a Day

Great for first-timers or anyone hoping to take in as much as humanly possible, in just one day.

Barcelona is not the type of city you’d want to attempt to experience fully in just one day. However, we recognize that many of you have limited travel time and other motives for wanting or needing to see it all in a short amount of time. So, we’ve designed a comprehensive, two-part tour just for you! In this tour, you’ll see the old, the new, the high, the low, the wet, the dry, and everything in between, not to mention all of the major sights that combine to make Barcelona the wonderfully unusual city it is.

Part One, in the morning, consists of a driving tour, in which you, your guide, and driver will set out on a sensational city-wide adventure. You’ll obtain a spectacular general overview of Barcelona and sense of the city’s layout, while riding by the main modernist architectural gems and other city highlights, such as the beach and harbors, and areas harder to reach on foot. You’ll stop briefly 3-4 times along the way to enjoy short strolls and closer looks at a couple of the monuments you wouldn’t want to just drive by, not to mention admire sweeping panoramic views from two of Barcelona’s most breathtaking lookout points. For lunch, we’ll take you to one of our favorite local joints, where the hope is that you won’t run into any other tourists, and where your guide will offer a hand in ordering and describing a selection of tasty local delights (remember, everyone pays for his or her own food and drink, unless otherwise arranged in advance!).

Once you’ve rested, filled your bellies, and re-energized, you’ll embark on Part Two of this full-day escapade, in which you’ll explore the oldest and most enchanting neighborhood of Barcelona on foot: the Gothic Quarter. Here, you’ll meander through the maze of medieval alleyways to discover charming hidden courtyards, imposing palaces and cathedrals, and other famous “must-sees”, such as ‘Las Ramblas’ and the ‘Boqueria’ market.

What more could you ask for in one day? A wonderful city overview in the morning by car, a traditional lunch, and an afternoon of delving deep into the historic neighborhoods, explorable only on foot.

In order to live up to its name, “Barcelona in a Day!”, this tour is meant to be a two-part, full-day experience. However, if you’re interested, you can also opt for the driving portion only, which would be a half-day City Highlights type of tour.

There are various ways to enjoy this experience – let us know which works best for you:

Getting around: On foot.* Car & driver.
Duration: Half-day. Full-day

*With us, there’s always a chance that your walking tours will include rides on the ‘metro’ or other forms of public transport. If so, this is included in the tour price.

We highly recommend you read our General Touring Guidelines before booking. We want you know exactly what to expect. Please feel free to propose your own personal twist on any existing route or guideline!

General Touring Guidelines:

• All tours are private and tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual client.

• All tours are in English, with other languages available upon request.

• Unless otherwise specified, tours include monument exteriors only. If you wish to tour
  the interiors of any museums, monuments, or attractions with your guide as part
  of your private tour, please specify during planning process, as this will determine
  the guide we put you with and must be arranged in advance.

• Tours can be done either on foot & using public transport, by bicycle,
  or in a private vehicle.

• Since sampling the local foods and drinks is one of the most important parts of city
   discovery, we try our best in every tour to wander “off the beaten track” for traditional
   snacks and/or meals in local joints along the way. Stop for a Spanish coffee or a sip of
   wine; try a deliciously fresh, homemade ‘horchata’ or endulge in an order of ‘churros
   con chocolate’. Or, enjoy a selection of typical ‘tapas’ at one of our favorite,
   out-of-the-way haunts.

Remember, we are open to any and all suggestions and requests – even those that divert from our general guidelines – in order to help you experience Barcelona & its surroundings in the way that works best for you. Just say the word!