Heron Wilderness Homeschool

Choose Weds or Fris | ages 7+ | Fall Sessions Start in Sep; Winter Sessions Start in Jan; Spring Sessions Start in Mar

weekly classes (Fall 10 weeks, Winter 8 weeks, Spring 10 weeks)


Conway, MA



2021 Spring Sessions start 3/24 (Wednesdays) and 3/26 (Fridays)

Heron is our signature program, taking place since 1999! Hundreds of homeschoolers have taken the challenge of the Heron, and have developed their nature awareness and wilderness living skills; many have become Swift Eagles (which is held at the same time/same place as Heron and is for preteens and teens)!

“That was the awesome-est Heron I’ve ever had!” exclaimed Xavier as he came out of the woods…traipsing through 2 feet of snow!
Curriculum covered is seasonal according to the natural laws and cycles of nature. For the development of wilderness living skills, it is necessary that we follow the rhythms of the Earth by harvesting materials and creating our earthen wares in the proper season."

Winter Duration

6 hours, 9 am-3 pm, every Wednesday OR Friday (skipping February Vacation week), 8-week Winter Session

Age Restriction

Ages 7+

Fall Session

Parents of Heron participants say: “Sebastian is always trying to identify plants now.” “She learned: how to identify poison ivy and plantain, cordage, carving the right way, how to “fox walk,” how to pass a tool or a weapon safely.” “He loves to fox walk now. Also, he’s been on the lookout for ticks and poison ivy.” 

Includes Journal/Handbook!