Seeing Through the Eyes of Animals (Tracking)

Sat May 15 | 9 am-12 pm | Adults & Families

beginner & expert trackers come together & are immersed in ancient & modern teachings


Conway, MA


Have you ever been in the woods and wonder “who’s been here?” In our tracking classes, throughout the year, beginner and expert trackers come together and are immersed in ancient and modern teachings. Explore your understanding of the natural world through the eyes of a tracker. Bring your field guides, journal and sense of wonder…for families, teens and adults.

There’s no better teacher than experience…learn and practice:

* The 5 arts of tracking

* The art of questioning

* 3 perspectives of trackings

* Mind’s eye training

* Field journaling

This Workshop allows you to spend time with our staff in a nurturing community that fosters a strong connection to nature and each other. You will develop a comfort and confidence while being in the natural world. We use a mentoring approach to teach a deep awareness for and love of the Earth.