Mermaid Fin Rental


De Lille Sports Shop at the Hotel Barracuda. Our door is just north of the main hotel entrance. Across the street from the MEGA store.


Flip your Fins Start Location: De Lille Sports, Playa Casitas, Palapa #3 to the North, under the Shaka Snack Bar. There’s no better place to make your mermaid splash than Cozumel, Mexico! Safety is key as you are guided through your transition from land legs to mermaid tail. Once your fins are fitted, how you enjoy them is up to you…take shellfies on the shore or be paddled out by one of our crew for a supervised swim in the sea. Mermaid tail rental: $25 USD per hour per fin. Available: Monday: Saturday 10am – 4pm on the hour *Minimum 8 hour advanced booking.


  • 2 Hour Fin rental $25.00
  • 3 Hour Fin rental $50.00
  • 4 Hour Fin Rental $75.00