SUP Shore


De Lille Sports Shop at the Hotel Barracuda. Our door is just north of the main hotel entrance. Across the street from the MEGA store.


Already comfortable paddling? Well hop into the clear Caribbean Sea and enjoy a guided paddle. You will take in expansive views stretching from the coast of Cozumel to the mainland of Mexico. From an incredibly unique perspective you will enjoy seeing the laid back Cozumel board walk, known as the Malecón. You will also have the opportunity to explore the northern end of town where you can check out gorgeous oceanfront homes, including the Presidential get away. The entire time you will be floating in beautiful waters teaming with wildlife. This tour is $60 USD per person and is 1.5 hours. 


  • Dry Bag - Flat Pack $15.00
  • Dry Bag - 8 Liter $20.00
  • Dry Bag - 12 Liter $25.00
  • Dry Bag - 25 Liter $35.00
  • Dry Bag - 35 Liter $50.00