Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Upside-Down Jellyfish Observation


De Lille Sports Shop at the Hotel Barracuda. Our door is just north of the main hotel entrance. Across the street from the MEGA store.


Are you ready to find yourself floating above a colorful carpet of what appears to be underwater flowers?  This vibrant carpet is made up of one of Cozumel’s hidden treasures, the Upside-Down Jellyfish. We discovered these beauties while paddleboarding through Cozumel’s Mangroves.

Accompanied by our captain and instructor/guide you will hop on our boat and head to Cozumel’s protected Northern lagoons. Once here, you will paddle to a mangrove system teaming with life. From your board, you will don your snorkel and mask and begin to observe these unique creatures. You can take your time floating above the magnificent beauties.

This excursion is customized to the level of our participants. It is appropriate for beginner to experienced paddlers. After you’ve worked up an appetite complimentary refreshments and lunch will be served.

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