Baja 1000 Combo 1




As soon as you are met by your tour guide, (You won’t find anyone better to make your day in Cozumel unforgettable!) you will be given all of the tour details as well as safety instructions as important points to remember. Together we will immediately jump behind the wheel of the famous BAJA 1000 vehicles and the fun is on as we begin our journey down the island roads as we go step by step deeper into what the tour has to offer. 

We will head to the eastern side of the island where the scenery is gorgeous and breathtaking as your Tour Guides take you to some of the most scenic parts of the island for your own awe-inspiring photos!
Then you will get immersed in an extraordinary Mayan Ball Game that transports you hundreds of years back and into a great culture.
As we continue going around the island we will take you down our own specially made trails just for this tour, where you will experience the excitement and adrenaline of Off-roading coursing through your veins.
From here we will continue onward with the Off-road fun and eventually end up back on the roadways as you make your way to your destination with the word L U N C H where you will be able to enjoy our traditional fajitas. After this well-deserved break, we will continue on down the roads to the final stop on the tour at our Beach Club where you will have the option to discover rich marine life at chankanaab reef, with 30 minutes guided snorkel.
Adrenaline, Scenery, culture, unique vehicles, delicious food are only a part of this magnificent tour in Cozumel. With more than 15 years of experience in providing guests unique experiences in Cozumel, our staff will make your day in Cozumel the best day of your vacation!
Your safety is the most important thing to us and we remind you that this is a tour, not a race.