Free Walking Tour


Placa Antonio Lopez


Barcelona is the most fascinating city on the Mediterranean. From seafaring settlers, and barbaric invaders, to the greatest artists, and architects of the 20th century, Barcelona has seen it all.

Come with us through the Gothic Quarter as we uncover 2000 years of Barcelona’s fascinating history, local culture, and cuisine of the Mediterranean’s coolest city. From Roman origins and a Mediterranean empire, to Gaudi and the Olympics.

We’ll not only reveal the true story of this amazing city and region but in addition we’ll also tell you how best to enjoy the city today. The best restaurants and bars, ways to skip lines, the best discounts and the contemporary music, art and dance scenes.

The Excursions Barcelona free walking tour is a must for any urban explorer or curious holiday maker.

The free walking tour idea is simple; join our tour without paying a cent, let us show you the best of Barcelona with our unique entertaining style, and you decide at the end how much the tour was worth.

We like to keep our groups small to ensure the quality of your experience, please book using the book button (it’s free) so we know how many guides we will need on the day. Bookings can be done at any time.

Groups of over 10 should contact us about a private tour.

Complement this tour by joining the City Bike Tour for the sights too far to walk.