Chicago Tombstone Tour - Infamous


Pick-up at Chicago hotel or pre-determined Location


Gangsters, conflicts, & controversies. Visit local Chicago sites of where events happened and relevant burial grounds.

What is "May Day" all about? How is this international holiday connected to Chicago? We'll visit the site of the event that made world headlines in May of 1886. We'll pay homage to those who lost their lives fighting for workers rights.

What happened during prohibition in Chicago? We'll drive by sites of shootouts and hear stories of what happened at the gangster burial sites.

Chicago's nickname is "the windy city". It has nothing to do with wind. It is a vernacular that signifies boastful and bragging politicians. We'll visit the burial site of Chicago's most boastful and corrupt mayor. Al Capone made generous donations to see that he won his elections.

This tour includes grave site visits at 3 notable Chicago area cemeteries.

Yes, Al Capone's grave will be one of the sites. We proceed from designated pickup location to two different sites, in the city, of infamous events.

We will then drive 9 miles south to Oak Woods cemetery to visit 10 sites. Oak Woods generally takes about 45 minutes.

From Oak Woods we will drive to 25 miles to Mount Carmel cemetery. (note: traffic is a major variable in this drive. It may take 40 minutes to 90 minutes). Mount Carmel cemetery will includes 6 gangster sites and stories. Mount Carmel visit is generally around 45 minutes.

From Mount Carmel we will drive 5 miles to Waldheim cemetery to pay homage to those who fought for workers rights. Waldheim visit is generally 20 minutes.

Waldheim cemetery to the city is 10 miles. Once back in the city we will drive by 3 other site of "infamous events" including the site of the St. Valentines Day massacre.

Tour duration . 6 to 8 hours

Maximum travelers: 5

After site visits I will drop you off at pre-designated location.