Rafting Sarapiqui River Class V


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A fun combination of whitewater thrills and areas where the water is docile enough to jump in and go for a swim. Wildlife abound in this section of the Balsa so keep an eye out for sloths, iguanas, howler monkeys and a vast array of tropical birds. There is no better way to observe wildlife than floating down a river. However this trip is not all about relaxation. The rolling, tumbling rapids will bring laughter and excitement. The trip will be guided by our awesome and safe guides that could make a puddle of mud fun. As with every trip, there will be one stop for locally grown, organic fruits and another stop for an authentic Costa Rican lunch.

Sarapiqui is a deep and remote river gorge with heart pounding rapids. The large drops, numerous obstacles, and steep gradient make UPPER PAILAS SARAPIQUI the epitome of classic whitewater. This is a class V canyon that is extreme in nature, All participants should be in good physical condition and strong swimmers. Before entering the canyon paddlers will have an extensive safety and paddle talk.. Every participate will also be required to swim a class III rapids at the mount hog the canyon, and practice getting back in the boat on their own. Upper Sarapiqui is the ultimate whitewater rafting experience.

Cost: $130