SD Ruby E Wreck Dives - Jul 31, 2021


Waterhorse Charters

Certification and/or Previous Experience Necessary


Two dives on the Ruby E in San Diego's Wreck Alley aboard the Waterhorse Charters boats.

The Ruby E., a 166 ft Coast Guard cutter originally designed to enforce the Prohibition, was intentionally sunk off San Diego’s coast in 1988.

Inhabited by a variety of easily-spotted nudibranchs, it has become a popular local macro diving site amongst underwater photographers. Its strawberry anemone-covered structures provide the perfect shelter for schooling half-moons and blacksmiths.

Lying upright in about 80 ft of water, the weathered wreck shows signs of substantial collapse in its structure and, for that reason, swim-throughs and penetration are not advised.

Two tank dive, snacks, drinks, and air fills provided.


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