SD HMCS Yukon Wreck Dives - Oct 3, 2021


Waterhorse Charters

Certification and/or Previous Experience Necessary


Two dives on the HMCS Yukon in San Diego's Wreck Alley aboard the Waterhorse Charters boats.

On a quiet summer night in 2000, the HMCS Yukon prematurely sunk off San Diego’s coast to later become a major attraction of the famous Wreck Alley.

The 366 ft Canadian destroyer now sits hard on its port side, between 65 ft and 105 ft underwater. The massive wreck is blanketed in multi-colored strawberry anemones, schooling reef fish, and surging kelp.

The Yukon is a popular wreck training site with a variety of swim-throughs and wreck penetration opportunities. It’s the most accessible and intact wreck found on the California coast and it's located only 15 minutes away from our shop!

Two tank dive, snacks, drinks, and air fills provided.


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