Reef Shark Safari + Sapona Wreck Adventure


Neal Watson's Bimini Scuba Center located at the Bimini Big Game Club


Turtle Rocks are home to our Reef Shark Safari. Once divers are in the water, a member of our experienced staff brings down a homemade frozen “chumsickle” and we safely enjoy watching the Caribbean Reef Sharks and often Nurse Sharks in a controlled, comfortable environment. An exhilirating and informative safari!  

Next stop, the Sapona! Probably the most famous dive site in all of Bimini, The Wreck of the Sapona is evidence of the island’s storied history. After running aground in the Great Hurricane of 1926, the Sapona was used during US prohibition to store illegal rum. Located in The Devil’s (or Bermuda) Triangle, the wreck was also the said destination of missing Flight 19. Cited in a James Bond novel and fired upon by George Bush Senior in training exercises, the Sapona’s occult lure and fascination is never ending. Expect to see, a myriad of coral and tropical fish.

*All Snorkel Safaris include mask, fins and snorkel.

*All Dive Safaris include tanks and weights.

*Kids 12 years and under.

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  • Full Scuba Equipment $35.00
  • Regulator $15.00
  • Weight Integrated BC $15.00
  • Mask, Fins and Snorkel Set $15.00
  • Wetsuit $15.00
  • Dive Light $10.00
  • Weight and Belts $10.00