Hummer Jeep Tour




Customize your travel plans around the Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Gold Ruins, Casibari, Ayo Rock Formation, Natural Pool and other famous landmarks in our open adventurous hummer.
This hummer tour can accommodate big groups so big families can stay together and enjoy the sites to the fullest.

Take benefit of our free pickup and drop off facilities, non-alcoholic beverages, free entrance to Arikok National Park, free entrance plus feeding bag at Philip's Animal Garden, free bandana, a knowledgeable tour guide and snorkel equipment.

Our Hummer is open air with 10 seats. Children must be above 4 years old to participate in the hummer tour. You will be picked up at start time of tour at start location.


  • 1 Additional Hour (4 total hours) $175.00
  • 2 Additional Hours (5 total hours) $250.00
  • 3 Additional Hours (6 total hours) $350.00
  • 4 Additional Hours (7 total hours) $450.00
  • 5 Additional Hours (8 total hours) $550.00