12 Dive Mermaid Dive Package

12 Local dives at the local Reef in front of your hotel


Riviera Maya


12 Local dives at the local Reef in front of your hotel.

Single dives that you may choose when to use during your vacation. Just come to our dive center and reserve the day and time slot you would like to dive on! As easy as that!

This package does not include Cozumel or Cenote dives. It is only local reef diving in front of your hotel. The reef is located 10 minutes away by boat, we do one dive and come back. Total trip time each time: around 130 minutes with an effective underwater time of at least 45 minutes.

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*Diving Packages are per person and cannot be shared To be coordinated and scheduled after purchase with Aqua Excursions.   Discovering the treasures of the Riviera Maya!   We can take you diving to the greatest spots of the Riviera Maya so you can discover the underwater treasures of the Riviera Maya!   Whether you just want to dive in the beautiful reef full with color and life, have a unique experience diving experience in a crystal-clear cenote with stunning rock formations and light effects, or be surprised like Jacques Cousteau was when diving in Cozumel, we can make it happen for you!   And the best of all, we are conveniently located inside the hotel you are staying at and our dive sites are no further than a 5-minute boat ride from our dive centers. You do not have to be looking around, we are there for a reason!   These services are for certified divers only. If you are not certified, please refer to our “Courses” section.


Terms and Conditions of the 15% Discount offered Online
You must book BEFORE arriving to the hotel in order to get the 15% discount. If you book online after having visited our physical location at your hotel, the 15% discount will not be honored.  

Returns and Refunds Policy 
We only issue a 100% refund if the activity or activities are cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. We will do everything possible to reschedule. However if the tour or activity is cancelled by the client we can only give a voucher for the next stay or the tour or activity can be replaced for another of the same value. You may also use it to buy products from our merchandise. No show will not be refunded. Once you are redirected to the PayPal or Stripe site and complete payment, the order is confirmed and you thereby accept this Returns and Refunds Policy. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you have doubts or questions regarding this policy.


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  • 6 Day Full Equipment Rental $126.00
  • Local Dive in DVD (Per Two Divers) $0.00