Guided Looe Key Reef Adventure

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Looe Key Reef

Certification and/or Previous Experience Necessary


Our Instructor will guide and take care of all your reservations, boarding pass, setting up gear (RENTAL GEAR EXTRA), in-water navigation, no-decompression limits for those looking for a little extra confidence with their scuba diving.

Looe Key Reef Dive – If you’re looking for a shallow reef experience, this is one of the most beautiful reefs protected in the National Marine Sanctuary down to a max 30’. Tons of fish life, corals, sharks and usually dolphins & turtles from the boat ride.

If interested in wrecks, please see guided wreck dive adventure.

 Busch wreck – The 210-foot Adolphus Busch Sr., a former cargo freighter intentionally sunk in 1998 has the large fish life you’re looking for. The cargo holes and wheel house have plenty of natural light to navigate and provides short swim through’s.

 Vandenburg - Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a former military troop transport and former missile-tracking ship was chosen from about 400 decommissioned military ships rusting away in “Ghost Fleets” across the country. Gross Tonnage (Volume): 17,120 tons. Length: 524 feet 10 inches • Beam: 71.5 feet • Draft: 24 feet. Height after sinking: 100 feet from keel to the highest point. Stacks, masts and antennas were trimmed to allow 40-45 feet of clearance from the surface. With a vessel this large, there’s plenty to look at. Why worry about tracking your allowed bottom time, let your guide take care of it for you and get you back to the boat safely.



  • Rental regulator $14.88
  • Rental BCD $14.88
  • Rental Mask/Fins/Snorkel $10.23
  • Rental wetsuit $10.23
  • Rental booties $3.72
  • Rental Gear Pack (all items) $46.51